Alfa gives its all-new Golf rival a classic name and plenty of Italianness. Waddyathink?

At long last, Alfa Romeo?s replacement for the 147 has arrived, and it is called the Giulietta.

The name is news in itself, as the car has had a tortuous christening process: originally dubbed the 149 (or the 148, by some accounts) before becoming the Milano. However, this name was recently scrapped after complaints from workers in Alfa?s Milan factory, who are unhappy at the company?s decision to relocate to Turin.

So Giulietta it is: a classic name harking back to the gorgeous coupe/saloon/convertible launched in 1954 (and, to a lesser extent, the somewhat less gorgeous saloon of the late 70s/early 80s).

Can the Giulietta live up to its illustrious name? Well, we?ll let you make your own minds up on the looks, but there?s no doubting it?s a striking thing, combining an even more extreme interpretation of Alfa?s signature triangular grille with a wedgy profile and a decidedly funky rear end.

We?re guessing some of you won?t be too keen, but it?s certainly more? Italian that its obvious rivals: the Audi A3, VW Golf and BMW 1-Series.

The Giulietta sits on an all-new platform and will feature Alfa?s ?DNA? system ? which adapts engine response, steering, stability control and the electronic diff depending on conditions ? across the range.

It?ll be launched with four turbo engines, including a 170bhp iteration of Fiat?s lovely new 1.4-litre MultiAir petrol engine and a 170bhp JTDM diesel.

After the Giulietta?s introduction next year, we?ll see a 235bhp ?Quadrifoglio Verde? hot hatch version. We are very much looking forward to that one.

So? waddyathink? Is the Giulietta worthy of its classic name?

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