When we are doing some works, we need some tools to make that works faster and better. Or sometimes, we need some tools to find some problems, measure performance or resource usage and etc. Here you can find some free tools on sometimes you can need them.

  1. SyncToy : This tool from Microsoft, which syncronizes to folders (in the same comuter or different computers). You can download it from this link, also find the features and more..

    or you can use ROBOCOPY command tool like here;

    robocopy \\server\c$\MySourcePath C:\MyDestinationPath /S /MT /Z

    or with login option;

    NET USE \\servername\IPC$ /u:username password
    ROBOCOPY \\servername\c$\source C:\destination /E /COPY:DT /MT:16 /r:5 /w:5 /xc /xn /xo /log+:C:\CopyLogs\robocopy.txt
    NET USE \\servername\IPC$ /D

    /E  Copy Subfolders, including Empty Subfolders.
    /COPY:DT  What to COPY (default is /COPY:DAT) (copyflags : D=Data, A=Attributes, T=Timestamps S=Security=NTFS ACLs, O=Owner info, U=aUditing info).
    /MT:16  Multithreaded 16 processors
    /r:5  Retry 5 times (default is 1000000)
    /w:5 Wait 5 secods for each try (default is 30 seconds)
    /xc Exclude changed (used for missing files)
    /xn Exclude newer (used for missing files)
    /xo Exclude older (used for missing files)
    /log+: logpath Append to log file

    you can find more details in here;
  2. Wireshark : A stronger tool. You can trace your tcp/udp actions on your computer and you can see what is going on your applications back door. For more, visit product web site..
  3. LogParser : Another lovely tool from Microsoft.. With this tool, i can read / filter windows logs (such as IIS logs) very easyly. You can download it from this link, also find the features and more..
  4. Fiddler : This lovely tool from Telerik.. The free web debugging proxy for any browser, system or platform. I recommend to every developer. You can download and find more here;
  5. TCPView : Can save your life.. This tool shows TCP connections on the fly.. You can download it from here and find more information about TCPView..
  6. Expresso : Yes please.. If you like to play with regular expressions like me, you will love it.. It is available from Ultrapico in here;
  7. FastImageResizer : Like other tools, i tested and confirmed.. Small, fast and effective tool from AdinSoft. You can find more details here;
  8. Reflector : Another life saver.. If you are a .NET developer, probably you know about it.. More details on the Red-Gate and below..
  9. WGet : For professionals.. You can download anything with that small thing.. It is from GNU..


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